Stoika Doncheva: My daughter is 22 - they cut a brain tumor three times

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Stoika Doncheva: My daughter is 22 - they cut a brain tumor three times
Stoika Doncheva: My daughter is 22 - they cut a brain tumor three times

Stoika Doncheva from Stara Zagora told the story of the illness of her daughter Tanya, who is only 22 years old and has been fighting a brain tumor for a year. She has already undergone three operations. Her hope is treatment in Turkey with radiosurgery. For this, she has inexhaustible means, which her family does not have. Tanya's dream is to heal and complete her education. People who wish can help the girl by depositing funds to a donation account in BGN at DSK Bank

IBAN: BG69STSA93000023260127 BIC: STSABGSF.

The holder of the account is Tanya Doncheva Doncheva.

How did you find out that Tanya has a brain tumor, Ms. Doncheva?

- A year ago she had some kind of viral illness and then she started suffering from severe headaches and vomiting. She studied at UNSS in Sofia, majoring in International Relations. It was last semester when I got sick. During the session these things started. He returned to Stara Zagora, we underwent a scan, and on February 27, 2015, we found out that he had a brain tumor. In a very short time it has developed.

On the morning of March 4, Tanya worsened, developed hydrocephalus and had to have a valve installed. Two weeks later, she was operated on in a Sofia hospital. Everything was supposedly fine after the surgery, but

on June 20, Tanya fell into a coma

On June 22, she was operated on in the same hospital and the next day my child came out of the coma. The result of histological examination was grade 4 glioblastoma multiforme. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy were to be done.

Did this treatment help?

- No. After the therapy, the tumor grew again and a third operation was necessary - on November 17, again in the same hospital. After this operation, unfortunately, there were already lesions. Tanya could not lift her eyelids and moved only with the help of others. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy, but there are no major improvements. The last test showed that there were more cells from the tumor.

Why did you go for further treatment in Turkey?

- Because the doctors here said there was nothing more to be done for her. We went to Turkey because of the greater experience of the doctors there with hamanozh. This may help in our case. We are leaving next week for Medical Park Hospital in Istanbul. From there they told us that Tanya has a good chance. I also consulted with our surgeon who operated on her. He said it's good to go to the doctor, because if there is anything left of the tumor, it will be removed. Only a few treatments will be done. Gamanoj is a type of radiation therapy, but more precise, attacking only the tumor cells.

In our hospitals there is also a hospice, why don't you use their services?

- Yes,

there is also such equipment here,

but maybe they don't have experience with it yet. Even in the hospital where Tanya was operated on, there is a radiosurgery machine recently. I talked to the doctor, but she refused. Maybe they are still afraid to work with this equipment.

How much will the massage treatments cost?

- $5000 will cost the entire treatment. Travel and accommodation expenses are separate. We have to do everything for our child. We have promised her he alth for Christmas.

Do you have any explanation of what caused the tumor?

- She was very thin, did not eat well, did not lead a he althy lifestyle. The immune system is weakened. This could be one of the reasons. In addition, Stara Zagora is constantly gassed. Everything burns here, shells, rockets, cartridges are destroyed. All this has an impact, no matter how much the truth is hidden in Bulgaria. I have lived in Stara Zagora for 40 years and I know what nature was like in this area before. Trees, plants - everything was fine, although the chemical plant is 4 km from us. But since they started destroying the rockets and burning all kinds of junk, everything has changed. Fruits, vegetables - everything spoils, so what to talk about people! There are an awful lot of sick people in Stara Zagora. It has become common for young people like my daughter and even children, babies to have head tumors. This needs to be heard. But we Bulgarians are like that - patient. We comment among ourselves, but we are not united to stop the outrages. Our children are getting sick and no one is insured.