Does the fund cover the removal of benign tumors?

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Does the fund cover the removal of benign tumors?
Does the fund cover the removal of benign tumors?

Please clarify whether adenoma and lipoma removal are covered by the He alth Insurance Fund?

NHOK pays for procedures to remove benign tumors in outpatient care. In the package of activities of the doctor specializing in surgery, there are procedures for incision and excision for superficially located processes and tumor formations; as well as in the basic package of the specialist doctor - general medical activities - there are the following procedures: biopsy of skin and subcutaneous tissue and mucous membrane, excision or destruction of skin or subcutaneous formations, incision of soft tissues. The National He alth Insurance Fund also pays for the highly specialized medical activity of cryotherapy and/or laser therapy of benign skin tumors.

These activities are carried out by a doctor specializing in outpatient care with a speci alty in surgery and are reported and paid for by the National He alth Insurance Fund with reference to bl. MH-NHOC No. 3 (for consultation and joint treatment) during a primary or secondary visit to a medical facility for specialized outpatient medical care in surgery. If it is necessary to pay for expensive consumables and materials, this should be done according to a previously approved price list, which is placed in a prominent place in the medical facility.

Usually, the treatment of lipoma and adenoma is carried out on an outpatient basis, with local infiltration anesthesia (local anesthetic), and hospitalization in a medical facility for inpatient care is not necessary.

As a rule, lipomas do not turn into malignant formations, but at the discretion of the surgeon after the surgical removal of the formation, it can be examined histologically.

In the case of very large lipoma formations and at the discretion of the consulting specialist doctor, in view of the possibility of complications or in the presence of accompanying diseases, hospitalization and treatment along an appropriate clinical pathway under the National He alth Service is possible at the discretion of the treating physician after being informed patient consent.